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10 Days to Healthy Hydration

What is the water challenge? 


Daily Emails. 

Succinct emails for 10 days with information on the important of hydration and recommendations to help you hydrate.



A private Facebook group to ask questions, share successes, and encourage fellow participants.



I, Emily, always aim to bring love to whatever I do and help YOU feel supported in your health & wellness goals.


Hi! I'm Emily, plant-based nutritionist and water enthusiast!

I have seen the power of proper hydration in so many of my 1-on-1 clients and love bringing education and encouragement to a group community through this water challenge. I'm also a full-time entrepreneur, mom, wife, friend, masters student... you get the picture, I have a lot going on and I too can forget to drink my water. So I'm in this challenge with you the whole way!

I hope you'll join in the water drinking fun!

Glasses of Water
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“I am feeling so much better and calmer”    

Laura | Water Challenger 2020

“Water challenge was great and I am not going to stop.  I need this mindfulness on water while home and will continue to increase my water intake!”   

Janet | Water Challenger 2020

“I've told my friends to join your challenges because they are so fun!”    

Linda | Water Challenger 2020

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