February 29, 2020

We love black beans in our house! We also love soup. So why not put them together? We did just that! This soup was a featured recipe in the Plantiful Plate meal plan a couple weeks ago. If you don't have a membership yet to the meal plan you should sign up today. Tomorrow (Friday) is the day the new week's recipes will be sent out and you won't want to miss what's to come, and don't forget that easy to follow shopping list you get too. Try it for a month! We think you'll be really glad you did.

This filling soup is satisfying on a wet and rainy spring day, but can be equally enjoyable on a sunny evening with the bright flavored toppings you can load onto your soup: cilantro, lime wedges, diced red onion, shredded cabbage, cashew sour cream. Yum!

This soup takes time to cook, but the actual preparation time is minimal. We don't cook a lot in our slow cooker, but this is a recipe that does very well in your trusty crock pot. So get it out of the cupboard, dust it off, and try this rec...

December 14, 2016

This morning I posted a video on Facebook sharing that I created a homemade eggnog. However the nog I have created has no egg in it at all. In fact, the ingredients are not very reminiscent of traditional eggnog at all, which is laden with dairy and sugar; this recipe has neither. What?! 

Growing up I LOVED eggnog. My parents can attest. My childhood memories of the Christmas season are laced together with glasses of eggnog. I would literally drink it as fast as my mom would buy it. I even decided since I thought eggnog was the best thing since sliced bread Santa would too, so scoot over milk, eggnog's coming to town and Santa's getting a glass with his cookies. 

Fast forward to present day ---------> (the fast forward arrow) I no longer consume any dairy products and I keep sugar at bay as well. I can't remember the last time I had traditional (store bought) eggnog. I have probably tried every non dairy "nog" on the market and some are truly just a sad excuse, while others are tasty and...

May 11, 2016

Even though in our household we love cooking and we love healthy, delicious food, that does not mean that we want to spend countless hours in the kitchen preparing.  While that can be fun if you have the time or if you are preparing for a dinner party and you want to impress your guests, it is not fun when it is at the end of the work day and all you wan to do is relax.  While we enjoy cooking, most of our favorite meals we come up with only have 3-4 ingredients and take less than thirty minutes to prepare.  Simple, fresh, and quick!  This Hawaiian chickpea recipe is a quick and easy fix that does not disappoint.  You may have seen our Instagram post several weeks back when we first made the dish and enjoyed it on our front porch.  Well, we have since made it again because how simple and delicious it is.  Enjoy!

To sum this recipe up, it is chickpeas cooked in teriyaki sauce over rice and topped with pineapple mango salsa. Chickpeas, Ter...

April 28, 2016

I love salad.  I love spinach salad, I love pasta salad, kale salad, but in this particular instance, I love quinoa salad!  I made up this concoction the other day I when I was having a friend over for lunch.  It was relatively quick, easy, and extremely delicious.  I did a larger batch of it too which means leftovers for lunch or dinner!  While most "salads" you wouldn't want to have as a leftover because the greens become soggy, pasta and other grain salads almost become more delicious as the flavors are able to marinate together longer.  Yum! I almost want to stop blogging and go make this again for lunch.

 Hopefully by the title of this blog post and by looking at the first picture you knew that quinoa was going to be the base of this dish.  Quinoa has gained in popularity the last several years, but it is still fun when I find people who have never had it before, nor know how to pronounce it...:)  It is a great staple to always have on h...

April 8, 2016

We first made this recipe a little over a month ago while working with a client who really liked Italian but needed some new healthy recipes.   One of the most Italian things I can think of is pasta with meatballs and red sauce, so we began creating a way to make a plant-based version of this staples and make it taste delicious.  And I can tell you right now.....mission accomplished. :)

After doing some research (thank you Google!) and looking at others veggie versions of Italian meatballs, we decided on garbanzo beans as the base.  I don't know about you, but I love garbanzo beans and it is a shame to only showcase them as hummus when they clearly have so much more potential!  By themselves they have a great nutty flavor, but when mixed with other seasonings and spices they can really blow you away.  We made a big batch in a crock pot.  Some went into this recipe, but the rest will go into some tasty salads or whatever else we feel like mixing up.  Yum!...

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February 29, 2020

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