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Variety is the Spice of Life

Are you looking for variety in your food? Do you struggle creating balanced plant-based meals?

When transitioning to a more plant-based diet, variety can be key! You have to figure out what you enjoy. I have 100% confidence that is possible.

PRO TIP: Try 2-3 new recipes a week, that's the sweet spot for most people. While it’s tempting to jump in with both feet, that can lead to more overwhelm. Plus, leftovers are perfect for your busy life and not having to cook every day.

Balance your plant-based meals by mixing things together. No more compartmentalizing foods (even my two-year-old doesn’t eat that way)! Here are a few suggestion of what plant-based meals can look like:

  • Bowls - a grain, a legume, raw and/or cooked vegetables, and yummy sauce (store-bought salsa is an easy one)

  • Soup - the perfect opportunity to throw tons of ingredients into a pot for diversity of flavor and nutrition

  • Brown rice and curry - change the flavors using different spices in the curry for a trip to Thailand, India, Japan, or Ethiopia

  • Tacos - pretty much anything can go in a tortilla, top with salsa and avocado and you’ve got a great meal. Even corn tortillas are full of nutrition.

Rather than trying to fit plant-based eating onto the plate you’ve been using for your entire life I recommend getting a new plate (or in our house, we eat out of A LOT of bowls). Start to view meals in a new way.

Variety and balance are key to success! Remember, if you need help and want 3 new recipes to show up in your inbox every week (that give you great variety and lots of balance to your meals) you can join the Plantiful Plate meal plan. I send out 3 recipes with a shopping list every week. And you’ll get some bonus recipes + access to my members-only Facebook group where you can ask me questions if you need more personalized advice about transitioning to a more plant-based diet. Keep the balance and variety coming with a Plantiful Plate subscription.

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