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Practice Makes Permanent

One of my favorite sayings in 'practice makes permanent'! Those who joined my free water challenge did a great job practicing keeping their hydration at healthy levels. But you have to keep up your practice so your healthy level of hydration becomes permanent.

Did you participate in the challenge? Whether you did or not I have a few key summary points to help ensure you are not part of the 75% of Americans who suffer from chronic dehydration.

  • I recommend you drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day. Here is a simple formula to follow: (body weight) lbs / 2 = (amount of water to drink) oz per day.

  • Set yourself up for success! Measure the amount of water you need to drink each day and leave the jars on the counter or put in your fridge the night before so you have it ready to go for the next day. This will help you ensure you drink your daily requirement.

  • Keep it interesting by adding natural flavors to your water! Try to stay away from store bought electrolyte drinks as they often contain sugars, food coloring and other processed items that are not good for you. I recommend using fruit and herbs to flavor your water if you want to mix up the taste. Try one of 'recipes':

    • Mint lemonade: Lemon + mint

    • Orange you glad it isn’t plain water: Orange

    • B²: Blueberry + basil

    • Mojito: Lime + mint

  • Drink more water if you are engaging in activities that cause dehydration. This could include:

    • Drinking coffee or alcohol

    • Exercising vigorously

    • Being at high elevation (4,000+ feet above sea level)

    • Being pregnant or breastfeeding

I encourage everyone to start or continue to set a daily intention to drink your goal amount of water. If you have been doing so throughout the challenge you are well on your way to making this a lasting habit. If you haven't today's a great day to start.

Happy Hydrating!

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