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The days are hot and produce is fresh!

The days are pretty warm. Want to keep things fresh? Look for seasonal produce! Here are my favorites for July!

Apricots - these are juicy and can be sweet but can also have a bit of tang to them. Stone fruits of full of juice and are nice for snacks, jams, desserts or on a salad as part of dinner!

Arugula - speaking of throwing stone fruit on a salad...use arugula as the base and you’ll have a homerun for sure. Arugula has a somewhat spicy, almost peppery flavor. Almost everyone needs to include more greens in their diet and arugula is a great one. Use it in a salad mix, as a base, top a pizza with it...there are so many options.

Cauliflower - this is a veggie I can’t get enough of. Some of my Plantiful Plate members call my Cauliflower Po Boy a weekly staple in their homes. You can make purees out of cauliflower, create a cauliflower steak, buffalo cauliflower wings, use it for your taco protein...there are so many used for cauliflower.

What seasonal produce are you eating these days?

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