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October seasonal veggies have my stomach grumbling

Broccoli and onions and parsnips and squash, oh my! So many tasty fall vegetables. October brings out some new favorite seasonal veggies.

Broccoli is a staple. It has health benefits including potassium, iron and vitamin C. But what I love about broccoli is the many ways to eat it. Sometimes I just grab hummus and dip broccoli in it. But steamed broccoli on the side of a meal is delicious. In stir-fry broccoli adds great color and takes on flavors well for any marinade. You can get more creative and take a stab at broccoli tater-tots, if you dare. :)

Onions can help boost flavors of your meal. They have manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C to help your health and are a great source of the antioxidant quercetin. I like to caramelize yellow and white onions (Watch this video of how I cook onions without oil) often and use them in soups and stir-fry meals. Red onions I often either bake with a pan of roasted vegetables or slice and put on salads or veggie burgers for a nice crisp zing to my meals.

Parsnips aren’t talked out enough in my opinion. They have a strong, sweet flavor that is delicate enough to pair well with lots of dishes. Some health benefits include high amounts of vitamin C, manganese and vitamin K. My absolute favorite way to eat parsnips is cooked with potatoes and mash them all together. If you want to marinate and combine with other veggies you can roast the whole sheet pan together, but parsnips alone are packed with so much flavor you don’t need to worry about a special marinade at all.

Squash is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium. The colors in squash are beautiful and there is so much to do with the many different varieties. Acorn squash is great when stuffed (I prefer to stuff it with a wild rice and veggie blend. Butternut squash can be great in soups. Spaghetti squash is a fun and lighter alternative to noodles in a pasta dish. One of my favorite squashes is delicata, which can be great roasted with veggies or in a plant-based risotto.

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