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Intentions for the New Year

Setting New Year’s resolutions has gotten a bad reputation from many people over the years (even though TONS of people still set them). I personally have gone back and forth with having a "resolution", but I prefer to phrase it as setting thoughtful intentions for the year, or goals if you prefer. I make sure it's something attainable, but also something that will stretch me. And ideally something that helps me continue to be healthier person (that does not always have to do with food). To help stay on top of my intentions I write them down.

For 2021 I intend to continue making my health a priority. We're all facing a lot of unknowns in the coming year. I think this New Year feels very different from last year when we had no idea the craziness of 2020. What I know for sure is there's never a wrong time, or a too late time to step into better health.

Throughout 2020 I have worked with individuals who have made huge transformations in their health. They came to me pretty tired and discouraged from what 2020 was throwing at them on top of health issues. Through intention setting and my guidance I have seen diseases reverse and been told 2020 is now one of the most meaningful years of their life. Wow!

2020 is now behind us. 2021 could be your year! I can't promise that the masks will come off, or that the pandemic will be 100% behind us, but I can point out that despite all the unknowns we each still have choices in our lives, in the stress we carry, in the food we eat, in the body movement we take part it. You have a choice to make 2021 a year you never forget for the good that can come from it.

If you have health goals and a desire to eat more plants, but you are not ready yet to work with me one-on-one you can also receive the most delicious support and a practical way to support your immune system by joining the Plantiful Plate meal plan! For just $20/month you can get 3 recipes, 2 bonus recipes and a shopping list EVERY WEEK!

If you want to work on prioritizing your health in 2021 let me know how I can help!

Cheers to a great New Year!

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