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4-Week Class Series


Do you enjoy eating plant-based meals?

ONLY $197!


Have you ever wondered how faith and food are intertwined? I'm a Christian, and one of the reasons I've been convicted to eat a plant-based diet is due to my faith.

Wherever you're at in your eating and faith journeys, I invite you to join me in my Faith & Food class! You do not have to be a Christian to join this class - everyone will expand their nutrition knowledge.

What will you get out of this class?

  • Foundations of nutrition

  • How to eat more plants

  • Key areas a plant-based diet can help

  • Weekly cooking demonstrations

  • Delicious recipes that are quick and healthy

This class will have the power to change your life!

Emily with Bible.jpg

Hi! I'm Emily, a Christian and a nutritionist!

Have you ever connected your faith with your food? For a long time, I never did. My love for food drove me to pursue my undergraduate degree in Food & Nutrition at George Fox University. During that time I began to explore the research around plant-based nutrition for disease prevention and reversal.

As the time has passed (over a dozen years) I've been convicted time and time again by the Holy Spirit that my work is more than just what I help people eat, it is about taking care of the body God created. It is about honoring His creation and being physically able to serve him whenever he calls us to be His hands and feet. 

This class series is my way to further use the knowledge and passion God has given me to help you live to the fullest health potential I know God created you for. 

Will you join me?

Why should I take this course?


You care about your body.

Food fuels. What you eat makes a difference in your day-to-day life and has long term impacts on your health and quality of life.

When you learn about nutrition you have the power to take care of your body to live the best quality of life.


You strive to nourish your soul.

Your soul needs nourishment. You can connect with God in so many ways. One of the lesser thought about ways to connect is through food. 

Do you know what the Bible says about food? How should we be eating according to Jesus' word? I can help guide you through the facts.


You appreciate

 furthering your education.

Whether you are a Christan or not, this course will present facts around faith and food. Everyone can learn about beliefs different from their own and become stronger, more well-rounded, and learned. 

Take a moment...let's imagine what it would be like if you felt full, happy, content, proud, satisfied, and satiated?

Here's what is waiting for you when you reserve your spot in Faith & Food:

4-Weeks of

Curated Classes

Downloadable Nutrition Guides

The best way to learn is with interaction. You get four-weeks of classes taught by me, a plant-based nutritionist and chef, who has avidly studied how faith and food are intertwined. My expertise in food and nutrition along with my relationship with Jesus make me uniquely qualified to educate on this topic.

A comprehensive guide outlining the foundations of nutrition. For too long we've been left with ambiguous answers around what is 'healthy.' This guide gives facts on how nutrition works so you can be informed and empowered to support your health.

One-of-a-kind Recipes

Easy to follow and quick to cook recipes that actually taste good while fueling you up with healthy ingredients. These recipes have all been created by me, for people like you - people who care about what's on the end of their fork!

How To Eat More Plants

It sounds simple - but is it? Many people struggle to eat enough plants. These classes will give you steps to follow that are accessible and can be implemented in the lives of busy people.

But why should you trust me?

Don't take my word for it - see what others are saying!

Emily is so knowledgable on all things nutrition! She makes information easy to understand and I can really apply her teachings to my life for the better!

- Libby H.

Emily is an avid studier of Jesus' word. She is devout but doesn't force her beliefs, she just enjoys educated conversation.

- Janet H. 

Emily's food is so delicious! Sometimes when I cook 'healthy' food I'm disappointed because the recipe left out all flavor. Emily keeps flavor as a top priority while ensuring the meal is packed with vital nutrients!

- Elizabeth D.

Let's Recap...


Four downloadable guides + a recipe book

Faith & Food - Wk 1 - Foundations of Nutrition .png
Faith & Food - Wk 2 - End of Disease.png
Faith & Food - Wk 3 - Nutrient Density.png
Faith & Food - Wk 4 - Labels.png
Faith & Food - Recipe Book.png

Plus more!

4-Weeks of carfully curated classes

Actionable strategies to eat more plants

Weekly cooking demonstrations

Factual nutrition knowledge

Information on how a plant-based diet can impact your life for the better

Delicious and healthy recipes

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“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”    

Ann Wigmore 

“Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high.”   

Anne M Mulcahy

“Even in this high-tech age, the low-tech plant continues to be the key to nutrition and health.”    

Jack Weatherford

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