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Emily is an excellent cook and an outstanding teacher…. 

We all give her the highest grades for planning, preparation and instruction in her cooking class.  


We hired Emily to teach four teenage girls essential  elements of cooking and to create a few dishes the girls would be able to replicate on their own.  Within this group of four there was one who could eat gluten-free foods only and one who was vegetarian only.  Emily took these challenges in stride and arrived at our kitchen with recipes in hand, food in her carry-all bags and even a photographer in tow!   


For three (3) hours Emily demonstrated methods of cooking, giving the girls “hands-on” experience and encouraging them to be imaginative, experimental, creative and daring in the the kitchen.  The dishes they prepared were outstanding and met our unique specifications.  


Its hard to imagine a better instructor/cook in the kitchen.  Emily was thoughtful, considerate, attentive and focused.  Her goal was to have the girls feel comfortable in the kitchen, trying new recipes, and finding their way in the world of food preparation. She accomplished this in spades.


I look forward to having Emily return for a follow up class and take the girls to another level of confidence and experimentation in cooking.  


Thank you, Emily, for your encouragement and the ease with which you made this such a successful experience.

I am a life-long carnivore who wants to eat healthier, and so I ventured to attend one of Emily’s plant based cooking classes.  What I learned was not only can healthy taste good, it tasted better than what I was eating at home!


So, I attended a second class with my girlfriend, the one Emily held on Valentine’s Day.  We created the meal together with two other couples, sipping on wine and snacking on bread with this totally addictive (I’m not kidding) beet and cashew spread.  We then had dinner together, consuming the fruits of our labor, and chatting with the delightful couples we had just met while slicing and dicing together.  It was just a fun, entertaining evening.


In my opinion, these are not just cooking classes.  They are very entertaining social evenings, way better than simply “going out to eat again”.  Don’t even sweat the plant-based angst if you have any, it will taste great.  But go for a unique, special evening out that is well worth the money.  


I’m still a carnivore, but I’ve learned a few tricks from Emily that are moving my diet in the right direction.  I heartily recommend her classes!  Thanks Emily!

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