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Traveling Tastes

Travel is looking different these days but many people are still trying to get out and explore (even if they are staying closer to home). To keep your energy up while traveling it is essential to fuel yourself with the right foods. My family postponed a trip to Hawaii to instead do a stay-cation in Oregon. Each day is filled with activities and we need to stay energized to keep the fun going!

The key to eating healthy while traveling is planning ahead.

  1. Know what’s on the menu

  2. Shop ahead

  3. Pack accordingly (this includes knowing what you can buy at your destination)

  4. Pre-plan when you’ll be eating out and what’s on the menu (I always recommend Happy Cow for finding new great food destinations)

Our stay-cation included Fire-Burritos which are delicious and didn’t weigh anyone down from continuing the adventures and playing with cousins. Your routine is already thrown off when traveling so do your body a favor and fill it with nutritious food!

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