Plant-Powered Protein Challenge

Looking to eat more plants?

Worried about your protein intake?

Do you want to understand more about plant-protein?


See all the benefits!

Over for Summer 2020

Introductory Pricing!

This challenge is valued at $295 but I want to help you feel great, especially during these trying times. Therefore I am offering this challenge for only $59!

Plantiful Plate meal plan members participate 100% FREE

The Plantiful Plate meal plan offers you three new weekly recipes + shopping list, a members only Facebook group and now $295 BONUS value in the Plant-Powered Protein Challenge registration. You must be a Plantiful Plate member during the time of the challenge to participate for free.

Testimonials from other challenges 

"I am feeling so much better and calmer."     

-Laura, Water Challenge participant

"Water challenge was great and I am not going to stop.  I need this mindfulness on water while home and will continue to increase my water intake!"

-Janet, Water Challenge participant

"My experience with the Sugar Detox Challenge was eye-opening for me. I learned new recipes to make when I want something sweet but keep it whole-food based and nutritious. There was a lot of support and information through the emails and zoom meetings too!"

- Megan, Sugar Detox Challenge participant

The Fiber Foods Challenge was the best challenge I've ever done! This challenge taught me a lot about fiber and how to ensure my diet incorporated enough. The guest experts on the Zoom calls were so informative and a perfect complement to Emily's teachings. This challenge has set me up to implement sustainable changes to lead a healthier life. I feel so much better! Thanks, Emily!  

- Elizabeth, Fiber Foods participant

Sugar Detox Challenge


Miss the challenge but interested in learning more about how to detox from sugar? Email

Addicted to sugar?

Want to lay off the sweets?

Know how sugar can be harmful to health?

Want to learn about healthy alternatives?


See all the benefits!

Over for Summer 2020

Fiber Foods Challenge


Miss the challenge but interested in learning more about how to eat more fiber? Email

Fiber is one of the most lacking things in the American diet. Lack of fiber contributes to many health issues from constipation to cancer.

How much fiber do you eat?

How much fiber should you eat?

How can you incorporate the right amount of fiber into your diet?


See all the benefits

Over for Summer 2020


I really regret eating healthy today.

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