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Video 3

How to Create a

Successful Meal Plan


Let us meal plan for you!

It's time to put your new knowledge to practice! But don't worry, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Are you ready to save time & money?


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As an annual member of Plantiful Plate you will have access to a ton of added BONUS benefits.

Here's everything you receive when you sign up...

3 Delicious and nutritious recipes delivered to your inbox EVERY Friday!


All recipes are whole food, plant-based and oil free!

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Compiled Shopping List.

Categorized to help you to GET IN and GET OUT of the store.

Current Members say this saves them a ton of time and money!

(Valued at $5)

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Minimum 2 BONUS Recipes


Plus a special BONUS recipe shopping list.

These may be recipes such as dessert, condiments, breakfast, or helpful how-to guides!

(Valued at $5)


Members only Facebook Group!

See pictures. Ask questions.

Have community!

(Valued at $120)

Weekly Facebook LIVE
Watch Emily discuss the week's meal plan and ask any questions!
(Valued at $240)
Video Lesson
How to Read a Food Label
Emily will teach you how to accurately read a nutrition facts label, so you actually know how to determine if foods you buy are healthy
(Valued at $100)

Surviving the Holidays Weekly Calls!

  November 14th- December 19th


Get some addition support during the time of year it can be additionally difficult to eat healthy! 

(Valued at $450)

Healthy Holidays
An array of recipes to make any holiday table a healthy one!
(Valued at $15)
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Water Challenge
4x per year
Tune back into your body's need for this powerful beverage. Be challenged and encouraged by Emily and her team.
(Valued at $100)
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Sugar Detox
2x per year
Challenge yourself and join in. Support includes videos, recipes, and community support
(Valued at $200)
1x 20 Minute Call with Nutritionist
A chance to get your personal nutrition questions answered in a 1-on-1 phone call
(Valued at $50)
Risk Free
Money Back Guarantee
There is literally no reason holding you back with the peace of mind you can get a 100% refund if you aren't thrilled with your membership
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Membership has never been as good as this!

We're offering so many BONUSES! 

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Challenges people tell us they face...

"Meal Planning is overwhelming"
We take away the overwhelm!
All you do is open an email.
Your recipes are selected, your shopping list is ready to go
"I don't have time to cook, let alone healthy meals"
We save you time by doing all the leg work for you. We can give you back time to spend in the kitchen by delivering easy to follow recipes and a very simple shopping list right to your inbox. In the time it takes to click download you're ready to start eating healthy
"Can't I just find recipes online "
Of course you can! If you have the time, energy and discretion to create your own healthy meal plans we applaud you! We are here for people that don't feel like there are not enough hours in the day and have tried to do it on their own, but need some extra support. 
"I'm confused by conflicting advice"
You are certainly not alone! We are in constant study of the best nutrition science. We live and breath this way of eating, cooking, shopping and living, so not only can we support you with data, but we can support you by walking along side you.
"I'm not sure I can do this alone "
You aren't alone anymore! That's why we have created ways for you to interact with us and with fellow members. It is hard to make any changes by yourself and we are providing more than recipes, we're providing community and support.

If you're ready for healthy eating to feel easier and have a community of support  


Are you ready to save time & money?

Full Value $1,515 per year

Regular Price $197 per year

YOUR Price $167 per year


What current members are saying...

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I love getting Emily's email every week! I am the cook in our household of two (it's my husband and I). While I enjoy the process of cooking, I don't love coming up with ideas of what to make.  Having the meal plan sent each week is so great! I am always looking for new recipes to try that are healthy and delicious, so this is a huge benefit to me. The recipes are easy to make and usually don't involve a great deal of time.

The other aspect I greatly appreciate is the shopping list. It is so easy to look over the ingredients, check off the ones I already have (which I find I have many already from building my pantry) and making a shopping list for what I need. 


I must say, for my husband and I, we generally will have enough food from one recipe to have it for 2 - 3 meals. I do love leftovers so I don't need to cook every night! And, an added bonus is when my husband comments on how much he has enjoyed the meal! 


I will be a lifetime subscriber to Plantiful Plate as it has saved me time, money and agony as well as made my cooking experience so much more enjoyable!  

Janet, WA 

recently retired

I have been a Plantiful Plate member for over a year now. It has made meal planning SO much easier. Before I would spend 45 minutes meal planning, building grocery lists and trying to rack my brain for healthy, but tasty meals. I would want to try new stuff, but had no idea where to begin. Plantiful Plate has put some creative spins on some classic recipes and made them much better. As well as made some of my favorite recipes plant-based! Plantiful Plate has saved me so much time meal planning and introduced me to try some delicious new ingredients! 


Reneé, MO

working profesional, mom, wife

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 8.16.00 PM.png

Plantiful Plate elevates my weekly meals by providing delicious recipes with easy to follow shopping and cooking instructions. And I feel great - awake, energized, fueled - after eating a Plantiful Plate meal because they are full of whole foods and plant based. I highly recommend Plantiful Plate for anyone who loves food and wants to be healthy!

Elizabeth, CO

young professional,

avid runner

Love this company and this lady!! She makes the transition to a plant based diet delicious and easy!! So nice that I didn't have to figure it out on my own, I would have gotten so discouraged! Working with Emily has certainly set me up for success!!


Shawna, OR


wife, mom, grandma 

Plantiful Plate Meal Plan is for you if...

You've made the decision you want to improve your health through what you eat

You've been trying to eat healthy on your own and it's been overwhelming and hard

You feel like you spend too much money on groceries and still don't have food that is helping you thrive

You hate grocery shopping because it takes forever to get out of the store

You feel lost and alone when it comes to how to eat healthy

You don't like having to figure out what to make for dinner

You have children that you want to raise to be healthy eaters, so they are set up for having great health now and later in life

You think it's fun to get new recipes

You've been looking for added support and community around eating healthy

You're nervous about how the upcoming holiday season is going to effect your attempt to eat healthy

You've been wanting to incorporate more plant-based foods in your eating routine

You already eat a whole food, plant-based diet

Plantiful Plate is not about following a diet!

It's about making a healthy lifestyle



and Sustainable

We're here to

Empower you 

Support you

and Encourage you

Are you ready to save money?

Are you ready to save time?

Are you ready for a sustainable change?

Are you ready to eat healthy and enjoy it too?

The special price of $167 per year is only being offered to those who have tuned into our video series about taking steps toward health.

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This is what you'll get as a Plantiful Plate Member

Previously included with membership:

Meal Plan EVERY Week! 

   3 weekly recipes

   1 weekly shopping list

   2 weekly bonus recipes + shopping list

Members Only Facebook Group Access

NEW Benefits:

Weekly Facebook Live Q&A

Video Lesson How to Read Food Labels

Healthy Holidays eCookbook

Weekly Surviving the Holidays Calls

Sugar Detox

2x per year 

Water Challenge

4x per year

1 20 minute phone call with a nutritionists

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Regular Price

Your Price

We're ready to support you!

Are you ready to be supported?

Are you ready to save time & money?

Full Value $1,515 per year

Regular Price $197 per year

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We don't want you to have any trepidation about signing up for this life changing meal plan subscription. Your satisfaction is important to us! So we're offering you 30 days to see if Plantiful Plate is everything you hoped it would be. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to request a total refund. Email us at

If for any reason you request a refund all the meal plans you have received are your to keep. You literally only have things to gain and nothing to lose! It's truly "Risk Free". 

When signing up you understand you'll be receiving everything listed above for a year, for a small investment. Your membership will automatically renew at the original, special discounted price of $167 per year, unless you cancel your membership. 

Our Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee

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