Meal Planning

Plantiful Plate is now LIVE!

Members of our subscription meal service will receive new recipes every Friday with an easy to follow grocery list.  Allow us to do the planning, and you can stick to the cooking!


Nutrition Coaching

Are you tired of diets that don't work? Do you want a body that feels fantastic and looks equally as good?  Let's work together to achieve your health goals.  Whether a doctor recommended you change your diet or you just want to lose that stubborn weight,

Emily can't wait to help!

Initial Nutrition Assesment 

2 hr | $150

In your initial session we spend time going over your intake form, discussing goals, health history and the foods you are currently eating.  Emily then creates a unique nutrition plan to move you towards your goals with manageable action steps.  She'll arm you with recipes that fit your taste and lifestyle as well as a month of email support!

Accountability Sessions

1 hr | $75

Accountability sessions are follow-ups to your initial nutrition assement. Emily talks to you about your progress and gets feedback on what is and isn't working. She will answer any questions you have and offer advice on new things to try during the following weeks.  You'll also get new recipes and continued email support to help you reach your goals!


Cooking Classes

Eating healthy is so easy when it tastes good! Emily will teach you simple tips and tricks that will make your time in the kitchen fun and the food on your plate delicious. Get ready to feel empowered and become the chef you never thought you were!

Introductory Cooking Class 

2 hr | $150

After an inital phone conversation where we discuss your goals, taste preferences and kitchen equipment, we come to you for an in home cooking experience.  Why your house?  It's simple, we want you to learn these new skills with your own tools in the kitchen where you cook so that you continue to feel comfortable with what you've learned when we leave!

Group Classes

Contact for Pricing

Get some friends together for a fun and healthy learning experience followed by a tasty meal!  Whether you are wanting to learn more about healthy eating or simply want a fun activity to do with friends, this class is for you!  Classes are usually demonstration style, however arrangements can be made to create a hands on group class.



Built with your success in mind, our packages combine several of our services together at a reduced cost to help you jumpstart your health transormation.  We give you the follow up and accountablility you need to fully achieve your health goals.  Get ready for some life changing results!

Resolution Package

5 sessions| $500

 Our most popular package is a great foundation for anyone who is looking to start their journey to better health. We begin by laying the groundwork for a healthy and nutritous lifestyle and finish with a fun

hands on cooking class.


Package Includes:

Initial Nutrition Session

Accountability Session

Kitchen Cleanse

Grocery Store Tour

Intro to Healthy Cooking Class *



Revolution Package

16 sessions| $1500

 If you are truly ready to commit to transorming your health, this package was designed for you.  Starting with all the offerings of the resolution package we then continue with additional accountability sessions and cooking classes so that healthy eating habits are engrained into your lifestyle!


Package Includes:

Resolutions Package Offerings

6 Accountability Sessions

5 Healthy Cooking Classes *



Maintenance Package

12 sessions | $875

Need additional support as you take the steps to improve your health?  We've got your back every step of the way!  With 6 months of support and 12 face to face visits, we answer any questions you have along the way and help remove any barriers in place preventing you from achieving your greatest health!


Package Includes:

1 Initial Intake Session

11 Accountability sessions

Recipes and Email support


* Food costs for cooking classes are additional but you keep all the food!


Group Workshops

Our group workshops are great opportunity for a community of people to come together and learn more about nutrition.  Whether a quick 45 minute lunch session for a group of employees, or an all day seminar, we've got your covered!    

Lunch and Learn

Contact for Pricing

Lunch and Learns are quick lecture and demonstration sessions geared towards businesses.  With a chosen topic, we combine a nutrition lecture and cooking demonsration into your lunch break along with some samples for you to enjoy.  A great employee benefit that your business can provide to help break the monoteny of the work week!

Nutrition Workshops 

Contact for Pricing

Our nutrition workshops are built to fit your specific needs.  We can cover a variety of topics or hone in on something more specific.  Workshops combine nutrition lectures with visual demonstration cooking portions to provide optimal learning and a fun event.  Contact us to see what we can kind of event we can put together for you!      


Grocery Store Tours

Learn how to shop and get the most nutritional bang for your buck.  We teach you how to read food labels quickly and effectively, while showing you ingredients throughout the store that should be making it into your basket.  Pick your store and we'll meet you there!

90 Minutes | $125