We've been keeping a secret...

The cat is officially out of the bag. The Love & Plants team is growing by one as we are expecting a baby in September. During my first pregnancy I experienced almost no symptoms. Round two has been different and I feel like I've experienced all the pregnancy symptoms. I have stepped back from things like social media because I am spending energy on creating a new life and continuing to create new recipes for my Plantiful Plate members. I'm at a place where I'm now feeling much better and want to re-engage this wonderful community.

If you've ever wondered what a plant-based pregnancy is like, follow me on social. I'll also share tips on how to raise a plant-based kid if that is something you've wondered about.

If you're not curious about plant-based pregnancies and kids that's okay! I've got a free water challenge coming up and as always Plantiful Plate is around to simplify your life while nourishing your body with delicious food!

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