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Take some stress out of the holidays with crowd pleasing healthy meals

The end of the year brings with it a lot of joy from spending time with loved ones but it can also bring stress.

Although I may not be able to fix the stress that comes with say in-laws, I want everyone to feel confident and stress-free in their holiday meals. Cooking for me is a stress release and I know many people who enjoy cooking for friends and family on the holidays. Even if you don’t get to have your normal gathering this year you can keep the homemade meal tradition alive!

To make it easy on you I have developed a holiday e-cookbook with recipes to make the whole family happy! You can pick and choose recipes from the book that excite you the most or you can use one of my recommended meal lists that comes with a shopping list to make your trip to the grocery (or your online order) that much easier.

I hope this cookbook can put your mind at ease that you can still eat your holiday favorites, stay healthy, and be merry with your loved ones.

This ebook is free for Plantiful Plate members as my gift. Join Plantiful Plate to get your ebook now OR email me to get your name on the reservation list and get your book in the first half of December.


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