top of page's what's for dinner (but it doesn't have to be!)

I know so many people who get stressed about what's for dinner. People deal with this stress differently:

  • You could end up ordering out, but this tends to be expensive and unhealthy

  • You could snack, but without a balanced nutritious meal you may be left unsatisfied and not be full

  • You could pull out a store-bought freezer meal or boxed/canned meal to heat, but again those often don't fill you and have you checked out the sodium content in most of those meals - not something you should be eating

  • You could make something from the ingredients in your fridge and pantry but those meals sometimes don't have the flavor profile you desire

So what do you do? Meal plan. Pick one day each week to plan out your meals for the week. I find that most often three new recipes a week is optimal. Some nights you may eat leftovers, other nights you want to pull out an old favorite from the archives and another day you may want to eat out.

Does finding tasty recipes that are healthy stress you out? No problem! I have you covered. My Plantiful Plate meal plan offers three whole food plant-based recipes every week and bonus recipes to ensure you are eating delicious meals that are good for you! And, the recipes come with an easy-to-follow shopping list to make your grocery shopping trip (whether in-person or via a digital delivery platform) a breeze.

Let's take the stress out of dinner and enjoy our food!

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