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Peas, thank you

Did you know peas are a great source of plant protein? Peas, like peanuts, beans and lentils, are a legume and are used in foods such as vegan and plant-based burgers, snacks, protein bars and more. Peas have about 18-22% protein. Vegan and plant-based eaters are often questioned about whether or not they get enough protein. Protein deficiencies are not often found in those maintaining a vegetable-forward diet but next time you're questioned make sure to mention that peas are a great source of protein!

A few of my favorite ways to eat peas:

  • Pureed! I enjoy split pea soup with rich flavor and creamy texture (Plantiful Plate members have enjoyed my split pea recipe).

  • Baked! You can season and bake peas to make a crispy treat perfect for snack time.

  • Mixed! Whether I'm building a bowl, making a soup, or creating a stir fry peas are often a great flavor and texture addition.

How do you eat your peas?

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