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It's cold season; Strengthen your immune system with plants!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Being sick stinks. No one wants to feel drained but no one is immune. However, there are some tips to help prevent getting sick and if you do catch a cold, flu or other viruses there are foods to help you recover faster and get back to your life. Here are a few tips:

Look for anti-inflammatory foods.

  • Ginger: try it as a tea, in curries, stir frys and marinades.

  • Turmeric: try it in a latte or as a seasoning.

  • Mushrooms: in stir-fries, on pizza, stuffed, as a 'burger' patty...there are so many ways to use mushrooms of all varieties.

And foods rich in Vitamin C.

  • Oranges: raw as a snack, fresh juice in dressing and marinades.

  • Tomatoes: fresh in salads or cooked in sauces.

  • Red bell peppers: raw as a vessel for dips,

  • Spinach: base for salads, topper for bowels and sautéed for a side dish.

As well as foods with antioxidants.

  • Apples: as a snack, in salad and baked.

  • Blueberries: frozen in smoothies and as an oatmeal topper.

  • Broccoli: raw to snack on, baked and steamed.

  • Rosemary: add it to drinks, or use it as an herb to give more flavor to your dish.

  • Elderberries: you should not eat these raw, but making Elderberry Syrup is a great way to get a rich dose of the antioxidants in this berry known to help prevent illness and ward it off should you start feeling ill. You can order DIY Elderberry Syrup Kits right here from Love & Plants

Don't forget - staying hydrated is another way to prevent getting sick or end a cold sooner. A glass of H2O is always a good way to go when thinking of ways to stay healthy!

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