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Invest in Your Health

How much does it cost to eat plant-based? The exact price varies by where you shop, if you purchase conventional vs. organic, how many staples you have in your home already, etc. (it really comes down to what and where you buy). BUT I can tell you in my myriad of years as a nutritionist and chef I see my clients drastically reduce their grocery bill when they start eating plant-based.

On average groceries for all 3 Plantiful Plate recipes cost roughly $50. That makes 12-18 entrées (it all depends on appetite). Which works out to $2.78 - $4.16 per meal. I call that budget friendly!

However, I encourage people to not get stressed out by your grocery store receipt! Start viewing your food budget as an investment. What are you investing in?

  1. Your health today - Every bite you eat has the power to either move you toward health or toward disease. That’s a simplification, but at its root it is true.

  2. Your future health - You can spend what’s necessary today to remain healthy because if disease hits in the future it will take a lot of your money and it will take a lot of your time.

  3. The health of your family - Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, or an uncle, or a friend you are setting an example for someone. People are watching you. They will see you thrive and they will want to know your secret. You have the opportunity to plant seeds of health for people you really care about.

Ready to invest in your health? Sign-up for Plantiful Plate to invest in your health and overall well being by having 3 healthy (and delicious) recipes delivered to your inbox every week along with a shopping list to save you time and energy at the store.

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