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Healthy Winter Snacks

When the weather is cold people tend to stay inside. And oftentimes sitting around the house leads to snacking. Snacking is not bad. It's more about what you reach for when snacking. Here are five of my favorite nutritious snacks!

  • Fresh veggies and fruit with peanut butter - crisp and fibrous vegetables and fruit such as carrots, celery and apples are great to dip peanut butter in. The peanut butter provides extra flavor and more heartiness.

  • Popcorn - make sure not to buy the buttered popcorn or seasoned with artificial flavors. In general popcorn is healthy and can be filling. If you don't want to eat it plain, think about topping your popcorn with healthy foods like nutritional yeast and liquid aminos.

  • Applesauce - homemade is my preferred but store bought is good too as long as it's not sweetened. If you want a variety of flavors add spices like cinnamon.

  • Hummus - eat it on whole wheat bread, pita, crackers or another healthy vessel. Chickpeas are a super lean protein which is healthy. You can also eat flavored hummus for more variety.

  • Dried fruit and berries - be careful, many dried fruits and berries have added sugars. Look for the dried fruit without additives. This can be a sweet treat during the day.

Choosing nutritious snacks helps keep your mind sharp and body fueled and strong. If you have questions about what to grab when you're feeling "snacky" - reach out!

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