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Get Sharp! Knife hacks for homecooks

My brother-in-law, Chef Matt, shared some amazing tips and tricks to ensure you have the right knives for the job. Check out my IG page for more details in a video. But here are some easy tips and tricks to help home cooks find success!

Sharpen your knives yourself (or with a local business)

  • Knife manufacturers often offer sharpening services, but they don't usually get your knives as sharp as they should be. Therefore it is best to sharpen a knife yourself or find a local shop and always use the same sharpener. You want consistency in how your knives are sharpened so either DIY or find your favorite local shop and always take them there.

Hone regularly

  • Honing does not sharpen your knives, but it does help it stay sharp and keeps the blade properly aligned. You can spend a few minutes before you cook each day honing your knife to keep it in great condition. And remember, when honing, always have the blade going away from yourself!

Test sharpness

  • If you decide to sharpen your knives you will know when they are done by testing how sharp they are. Some of you may have heard of the old slicing through paper trick, but Chef Matt says that's a no go - that can damage your blade and undo all the work you just did! Instead rest the blade (VERY CAREFULLY) on your thumbnail. If it slips - it's not sharp enough, if it "catches" it is ready to use. Remember, be careful with this and don't press the blade down - if done properly there will be no blood or other injuries from this sharpness test!

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