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FALL-ing in Love with September Vegetables

I enjoy shoulder seasons like September where we still get some warm days of summer but also get to cool down as the temperature drops. Since I love using fresh produce, shoulder months are great because of the myriad of dishes to make that reflect the unique days we have outside. Brussel sprouts can be shaved and used to make salads on hotter days or roasted to warm you up on the chillier days. Cabbage has a great crispness to it when fresh and can be featured in a dish such as coleslaws or can be used as a topping such as on tacos. But cabbage is also great when baked. It retains heat well and it takes on flavors well so that it can pair with lots of dishes or be featured as your main course. Eggplant is delicious and seen in many different cultures including many countries in Asia, along the Levant coast (Eastern Mediterranean) and in places such as Romania. Whether stir-fried or the main component of a spread (such as baba ganoush or Romanian eggplant salad). Lettuce is frequently used as a salad base. It is delicious in this way but I am someone who on a chilly day doesn't want lettuce with cold veggies over top. That is when I grill my lettuce to make salads. From Caesar salad to grilled salads with vinaigrette dressings, a grilled salad can bring more depth of flavor to some of your traditional recipes.

Stock up on your local September produce before it’s too late!

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