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Do you have a "picky eater"?

Do you care for kids that don't want to eat what you make? Do you have a spouse that you dread cooking for?

I hear you. I'm with you.

But I challenge you - try not to labels these people in your life as "picky." Words have power. Picky has negative associations and I know no parent or caretaker of littles is trying to be negative about their young loved ones. Hopefully, you're also not trying to be negative to your spouse but I'm married and know how frustrating a permanent roommate can be.

So what should you say? I recommend using the word "preferences." Preferences can change. Maybe a child one day doesn't like broccoli and the next week can't get enough of it. Maybe a spouse doesn't like mushrooms and then you make a different varietal or present them in a different way and they go for seconds. The word 'preferences' has a more positive leaning to it and everyone knows preferences can change. But can you ever stop being "picky" once labeled that way?

I have so many tips and tricks on how to 'help the picky eaters'....scratch that, how to help the people with preferences in your life. Check out my social media for the month of June to learn more or keep your eyes out for more blog posts.

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