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Can you eat healthy while traveling?

The answer is a profound yes!

Now for the more in-depth explanation…

1. You need to prepare for success

  • Pack the food you’ll be eating on travel day (think car snacks, cooler for lunch, etc.)

  • Bring food that will sustain you during your travel period (this applies to destination travel more than long road trip travel)

2. When you eat out, be strategic

  • Pick vegan or vegan friendly restaurants (eating food from locations you travel can be part of the experience of travel)

  • can help you find great local restaurants that are vegan or vegan friendly

  • Coffee shops are often great for instant oatmeal

  • Whole Foods Market's (depending on operating restrictions) across the country tend to have vegan options throughout the day like breakfast oatmeal, salad bar throughout the day, and build your own options such as sandwiches and burritos

  • Chipotle, Qudoba, and Baja Fresh, or local Taquerias can make you a veggie burrito but follow this pro tip - ask for whole beans or clarify they don’t use lard in their refried beans, and ask if they use chicken broth in their rice. #vegantips

  • Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, and Indian always have vegan veggiefull options.

  • But remember: vegan doesn't necessarily mean healthy so consider this when you are eating out

3. Pack as much food as you can when road tripping

  • Make sure you can keep the food fresh in a cooler

  • Change the ice out every day or two

  • Pack foods that travel well:

    • Hummus

    • Veggie sticks

    • Whole grain bread

    • Lara Bars (tag)

    • Fruit such as apples, bananas, oranges

    • Oatmeal

    • Nut milk

    • Rice cakes

    • Nut or seed butter

    • Canned beans

    • Baked and cooled potatoes or sweet potatoes

    • Boxed salad greens

    • Homemade dressing

4. Stay hydrated

  • The sodium content of restaurant made food is always high - you need extra water to balance the sodium entering your body

  • It help with travel constipation that many people face

Tag me, @loveandplants, on social in your travel photos when you utilize these tips. I love hearing from you!

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