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2021 - Intentionally Grateful

I was inspired during a webinar to do some new things this year. One of these was to start and share an intentional gratitude practice. Each day I plan to share what I am grateful for this year. That is 365 posts of gratitude. It is both simple and hard.

When I committed to this I had the feeling that I shouldn't start something I may mess up by missing a day. Or I might have really hard days I don't want to be grateful. I am still questioning if I can actually come up with a full year of things to be grateful for, but then I decided if I can't something is wrong and I should figure that out. So, on the hardest of days, I'm committing to still finding something to be grateful for.

As the new year is already underway you may have been following my social media and have seen some of the things I'm grateful for such as:

  • family

  • greenery

  • sun

  • alone time

  • love

  • laughter

  • sunsets

  • prayer

  • fresh air

  • MLK Jr.

  • kind strangers

  • home

This practice of intentional gratitude, I hope, will help me focus on the things I am thankful for as opposed to the hurdles and frustrations we all face daily. Follow @loveandplants on Instagram and Facebook and let me know what you are grateful for each day. If we had a community of people committing to be grateful each day it may spread a little more love and light in the world.

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