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#1 Efficient and Effective Shopping Tip

I have a secret...I like grocery shopping!

I know it’s not a lot of people’s favorite chore, but I’m okay being an outlier.

Do you use a service that shops for you? I’m way too particular to let someone else select my produce. I like to walk down the aisles and fill my basket myself.

That being said, I don’t want to wander aimlessly. I have things to do, meals to prepare, recipes to create, a daughter to wrangle, a business to run. While I enjoy grocery shopping I still need to get in and get out in an efficient manner.

So here is my top tip so you can be efficient and effective.

Make a list! And stick to it!

This takes some steps:

  • Plan

  • Know what you are cooking

  • Don't reach for those end cap items - they were placed there and put on sale so you’d grab them but don’t be fooled! The healthiest items are ones they’ll make you look for.

Why make a list? If you make a list and you start filling your cart with other items use the list as a reminder to make a mindful decision about these impulse buys. Do you really want it? Do you need it? Will this expand your grocery bill beyond your budget? Are the extra foods going to help you reach your health goals?

I can’t be with you every time you’re at the grocery store. I can however offer you the sage advice to follow your list to a tee. Build the habit, if you need something it goes on the list. And if it’s not on the list you will not be buying it.

I believe having a shopping list is so crucial to healthy grocery shopping that I include a very easy-to-use prepared shopping list every week for Plantiful Plate members. If you need an easy to use list and recipes ready to go check it out at

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