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Trying to eat plant-based and wondering what you're going to eat next? Get weekly meal plans sent directly to your inbox. Not only do I provide the recipes, shopping list and bonuses, but I have created a Facebook group that you get access to as a member. In our group I post pictures, demo videos, hold LIVE Q & A and respond personally to your questions! Save time and money and get support.

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  • Weekly Plant-based Meal Plan

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  • Bonus #1 Guide:How to Be the Healthiest Grocery Shopper

  • Bonus #2 How to Cook without Oil- Video Tutorial

  • Bonus #3 Healthy Pantry Guide

  • Bonus #4 Sugar Detox

  • Bonus #5 Water Challenge

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Here's what Plantiful Plate Members say about these recipes: 


“I love getting Emily's email every week! I am the cook in our household of two (it's my husband and I). While I enjoy the process of cooking, I don't love coming up with ideas of what to make.  Having the meal plan sent each week is so great! I am always looking for new recipes to try that are healthy and delicious, so this is a huge benefit to me. The recipes are easy to make and usually don't involve a great deal of time.


The other aspect I greatly appreciate is the shopping list. It is so easy to look over the ingredients, check off the ones I already have (which I find I have many already from building my pantry) and making a shopping list for what I need. 


I must say, for my husband and I, we generally will have enough food from one recipe to have it for 2 - 3 meals. I do love leftovers so I don't need to cook every night! And, an added bonus is when my husband comments on how much he has enjoyed the meal! 


I will be a lifetime subscriber to Plantiful Plate as it has saved me time, money and agony as well as made my cooking experience so much more enjoyable!”  

Janet, WA 

recently retired


“I have been a Plantiful Plate member for over a year now. It has made meal planning SO much easier. Before I would spend 45 minutes meal planning, building grocery lists and trying to rack my brain for healthy, but tasty meals. I would want to try new stuff, but had no idea where to begin. Plantiful Plate has put some creative spins on some classic recipes and made them much better. As well as made some of my favorite recipes plant-based! Plantiful Plate has saved me so much time meal planning and introduced me to try some delicious new ingredients! “

Renee,  MO

working professional, mom, wife


“Plantiful Plate elevates my weekly meals by providing delicious recipes with easy to follow shopping and cooking instructions. And I feel great - awake, energized, fueled - after eating a Plantiful Plate meal because they are full of whole foods and plant based. I highly recommend Plantiful Plate for anyone who loves food and wants to be healthy!”

Elizabeth, CO

young professional, newlywed 

avid runner


“Love this company and this lady!! She makes the transition to a plant based diet delicious and easy!! So nice that I didn't have to figure it out on my own, I would have gotten so discouraged! Working with Emily has certainly set me up for success!!”

Shawna, OR


wife, mom, grandma 


“Your recipes are saving my life right now! I am so busy and it has been so helpful and fun to get to cook your recipes every week! Thank you!”

Amy, OR

entrepreneur, yogi, mom


“I was introduced to Emily a couple years back and I admired her passion for nutrition and coaching folks from the start. So much so, I become a client of hers. Her recipe plans are amazing and simple best of all delicious. She lives, eats and breathes nutrition and knows her stuff. If you have wanted to add more vegetables to your thing but think it boring and difficult? Give her recipe plan a shot, I bet you won't look back!”

Michael, OR

Professional, husband, father


“After attending one of Emily’s cooking classes last year, my wife and I were so impressed with the variety of food that can be incorporated into a plant based diet. When Love and Plants released their Plentiful Plate Meal Plan, there was no doubt we needed that as a guide to build more plans based meals into our diet. Emily is caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend Love and Plants!”

Kyle, OR

Husband, father, professional



“Emily is so knowledgeable about nutrition and cooking healthy. And everything I’ve had is ultra delicious!! Simply amazing!”

Brenda, OR

2 jobs, 4 grown kids


“This is an amazing meal plan program that is not only delicious and easy to follow, it makes cooking for the family fun and stress free!!! No more wondering what are we eating tonight?? And all plant based!!! It will make even the biggest carnivores ask for seconds!!! So grateful for this program!! Worth it tenfold!”

Trish, OR

Mom, wife, entrepreneur


“Amazing recipes! I enjoy learning from Emily! She knows her stuff!”

Sandy, OR

Wife, mom, bicycle enthusiast

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Tel: 971-832-9212

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