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Are you new to elderberry syrup?

Elderberry syrup is something you take for an added boost of nutrition in a small quantity. I personally take 2 tablespoons a day. It is called syrup, but when you make it at home it is not thick the way the name implies. You may think pancake syrup, but it is actually a watery consistency and as I said you only take a small amount each day. 


While elderberry syrup can be considered a supplement I think of it as a food boost because instead of relying on something in a pill or capsule you’re taking a real food and cooking it to be consumed. That being said more is not necessarily better and I recommend you stick to the dosage suggestions I provide unless you receive other instructions from a medical professional. 

Why should I take elderberry syrup?

I’m not here to convince you to take it, but I personally have found it an effective way to strengthen my own immune system. As I know many others already use it I wanted to offer an affordable option, plus a healthier one compared to many store bought brands. 

Is elderberry alone enough to keep me healthy? 

I’d have to say no. You can’t take elderberry syrup, eat fast food every meal, sleep 4 hours a night, work 80 hours a week and expect to live in optimal health. But it is a tool in my toolbox I use for immune support. And as with all natural health tools I believe consistency can be key, which is why I have adjusted my routine to include elderberry syrup regularly instead of only when I feel an illness coming on. 


If you are looking for more ways to increase your immune strength check out the Plantiful Plate meal plan for new recipes every week that make eating more plant foods easy and delicious, which is one of the most researched and scientifically proven ways to strengthen your immune system!

Why have I not heard of elderberries before?

Elderberries have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. There is a small amount of more recent scientific data that showed promising effects from consuming it, however the studies have been small, so by science standards they hesitate to make a clear statement to the profound health effects it can offer. 


I am all for science and love that the nutrition I practice is incredibly well backed by research and data. That being said I also firmly believe we must learn from history. The history of elderberry shows that it has been a powerful medicine for generations. Many people have reported health benefits including combating viral illness, decreasing nerve pain, improving inflammatory pain and even chronic fatigue. When something has been around as long as elderberries and with as much anecdotal evidence as there is about it, plus my personal experiences, I find no reason not to include it as part of my overall healthy lifestyle. 

What does it taste like?

Elderberries alone can be a bit bitter. They aren’t a sweet eating berry like blueberries and strawberries. And in fact they are poisonous when raw, so they always need to be cooked! When you add the sweetener you end up with a sweet, rich berry flavored syrup. There isn’t the acidity that you find from raspberries and marionberries. I’d explain the flavor profile to be deeper, like a blueberry. 

How long will my kit last me?

This depends on how often you take it and how many people in your home are taking it from the batch you make. I would say your kit should make at least 56 tablespoons, which would be 56 doses for a child or 28 doses for an adult. Realistically people often forget a day here and there to take their elderberry, which is totally okay! So as you can see one kit could be considered a month supply for one person or less than that depending on the number of people consuming it. 


The great news is that you can purchase multiple kits at once if you want to be prepared for another batch as soon as you run out. Or if you are just wanting to try it out, see how it tastes and how easy it is to make, you can check back to order again once you run out.

How do I make it?

It’s so simple! You add the contents of the kit to a saucepan and add water. Bring to a boil, then cover with a lid and simmer very low for 30 minutes. I recommend you let is steep another hour and then add your sweetener of choice (my personal go-to is pure maple syrup). I even share a video tutorial of the process once you purchase, for those who appreciate a visual demonstration. 

Why are you selling these kits?

Everything I do at Love & Plants revolves around helping people learn how to improve their health. I love offering tools and resources of how to do that! I could recommend you buy elderberry syrup at the store, but it’s really expensive! A small 4 oz jar, which provides about a week of servings can be $15. The most prevalent brand adds ingredients such a fructose syrup, glycerin (to make it thick), malice acid (to preserve and make shelf stable), and natural flavors (for who knows what reason or what they consist of). As a business owner I am able to purchase bulk quantities at wholesale prices and offer a very reasonably priced elderberry syrup kit. I am currently not making a ton of money on each kit, but especially during these stressful times I felt the desire to do this for my community!  


The additional ingredients I add provide their own arrays of immune supportive properties and you are allowed to add whatever sweetener you prefer in your own home, plus you can even adjust the quantity of sweetener if you desire. 


I’ve been making my own elderberry syrup for a long time. Knowing it can be so easy and so inexpensive I wanted to share this with others. As long as I can source the ingredients for reasonable prices I’ll keep offering these kits!


If you have any other questions now or after your kits arrives you are always welcome to reach out to me emily@loveandplants.com 

Your kit will include:

  • Organic Dried Elderberries

  • Organic Dried Cut Ginger

  • Organic Dried Cut Turmeric

  • Organic Goji Berries

  • Organic Cloves

  • Organic Rose Hips

  • Organic Peppercorn

  • Organic Ground Cinnamon


You'll simply add water and a liquid sweetener (such as pure maple syrup).

Instructions for preparation will be included with each kit and each purchaser will receive access to my how-to video tutorial, demonstrating how easy a process it is once your kits arrives. 

Each kit makes up to 32 oz of syrup!

Syrup should be stored in the refrigerator, ideally consumed within 6-8 weeks.

Unopened Elderberries Kits can be kept up to 1 year. I recommend freezing for longer storage.  

$16 per kit (Free shipping anywhere in the United States)


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and you should always consult your primary care physician before making changes to food, drink or supplements. I am not promising any specific health benefits or outcomes of ingestive elderberry syrup you make from a kit purchased from Love & Plants. I am simply sharing something I personally use and have found beneficial for my health and the health of my family. 

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